I’ve got a bunch of their products. Next buy will be the Thumper MKII. Runva Winch Review – From the perspective of real customer, Alpha Black Series Camper Review – From an owners perspective, On track breakdowns: Catastrophe or cool story, Chat, share, get jealouse of all the cool stuff others have. or simply respond to an existing post on the forums. TEST 2 IFN lATION FROM 16–40pSI TEST 3 EDURANCEN This test entails the most common use of compressors: the inflation of a tyre from 16 to 40psi, and how long you will have to wait for each tyre to I now have a huge box taking up my garage waiting on them to tell me I can send it back. However do you think reliability, size, weight, durability, warranty, might also have an influence? Specifications. Just also wanted to say …. I also have only been using this unit for around 1 year so have yet to be able to perform a long-term use review. The 10 best air compressors to buy in Australia. Although most companies will argue this fact, but their longer warranties means more expense for the consumer. Someone who’s had it for a while and if you hit the high country you’re going to need to use it! I’m interested in you sharing how you obtained this level of confidence. I too have brought a lot of stuff from the super centre over the years from tigerz to now , I have just installed the titan draws with wings in my GQ , there are some problems with them but all easy to overcome if you are any good with diy . This range of portable air compressors is available throughout the market, and you can take advantage of them by extremely high output. So, you are not getting a better quality unit or anything extra other than a longer warranty, but YOU have already paid extra for that. We lab test and review the latest models to help you find the best air compressor for you. If it is him i would like to ask why supacenter does not exchange or do refunds when selling defect products of low quality. Now, as I said, I don’t agree with this. The Thumper Air Compressor has been tried and tested all over Australia in the harshest and most unforgiving conditions, and no matter what you throw at it, the Thumper MKIII is up to the challenge. Kings 12v Air Compressor Extension Hose 4m Long For Thumper & Thumper Max. I’d be really happy if Charles or anyone from 4wdsupacenter could come in and clarify any point for me, or I’d love to have some budget to be able to run legitimate testing, but unless I find that money tree, it’s not happening for a while. Industrial air systems, like the Oasis, may not be the most practical, but it’s also the only compressor we’ve found that’s exciting to look at. I did purchase a Thumper MKII from the 4WD Supacentre in August 2016. It stacked up and is sweet. I’d never underestimate how much time that actually takes so cheers for that. The group member was happy with its performance, for the money he paid for it…but if he had stretched his budget, he could have got a better compressor. Right now it's a 105 Series and 200 Series Landcruiser. I need to state I work and have worked in the 4×4 industry for many years, I’m also the President of a 4×4 club with a very diverse age group. Incorrect tyre pressure is a very common cause of vehicles becoming bogged, due to a lack of tyre surface area in contact with the ground. To assist with purchasing the right Air Compressor for you, or if you have any questions about our products you can get in contact with us through info@4wdsupacentre.com.au or call on 1800 88 39 64 during business hours Sign In . But I’m glad you pointed it out. Thumper air compressor 16-02-2015, 04:19 PM Just seen on facebook that 4WD Action have dropped the price of there thumper air compressors to $119 including postage. Can you please elaborate why I should be concerned with this? I agree to the large majority of your questions and also agree the marketing teams can get a little carried away. It’s because of their after sales service & the people who work for them. Portable air compressors are useful for the avid 4WD bush basher and the city driver who wants to look after their tyres. You’re not Breno from 4wd Action are you? Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Kings Thumper MKIII Portable Air Compressor 160L/min 4x4 Offroad Tyre Inflator at Amazon.com. The Thumper Max MkII not only rises to the challenge but takes air compressors to another level! (Paul, have you installed the wings correctly?) (still getting over the shock of paying for me new Redarc dual battery system and a pair of their guages fitted last week), I have bought a Thumper to replace my long standing ARB, I can’t remember how old it is. I could see the humour if I was! Best Selling in Air Compressors. You raised some valid questions. Yes its painful dealing with 4wdsupacenter. Quick, don’t heat up as much as some other compressors I have used and so far reliable. They “worth” pricing they list is, as stated on every product page as far as I can see, actually defined: “**Worth means the approximate value of comparable products from the larger brands in the Australian market to our products.”. This weapon of a portable air compressor offers a lightning fast 300L/min air output, that is almost twice as much volume as the single cylinder Thumper MKII, this impressive volume makes it one of the fastest portable air compressors available in Oz. There are a few things that could have been done better at factory to make fitting easier but all in all it’s a great unit . For any people interested in their products, supacenter google customer reviews will make for a good read. This applies not only to 4WD Supercentre, but to Unsealed 4×4 and their biased comparisons that are not accurate. facebook.com/my4x4fever. The idea was simple. I would be really keen to see a fair, unbiased scientific investigation to compare products on the market, but until that time you are no better than they are in making unjustified claims. Just wanted to inform people who have or are planning to buy a thumper air compressor. Both oilers of course. Choice Magazine has limited advice but recommend the Bushranger Black Max 55x12 . Thumper Max Dual Air Compressor MkII. Forum Regular reference: whrl.pl/ReWrrn. But when I see someone us this to push a brands agenda as directly as they did, plus have a poke at their competition based on it, I have to speak up. Not only will i never buy from 4wdsupacenter again, no matter what they are offering at what price, i will also never buy items like this again where i can not inspect them personally in a store. In respect to this fact as an example: Big difference in price, but also a massive difference in looks, feel and overall quality. So here is what the unit is like to operate, and I added the Units Specs during the Tyre inflation part of the video. 4WD enthusiasts will appreciate a powerful compressor unit with a … A compressor also needs to deliver a volume of air at a tools operational pressure. Thumper Max Dual Air Compressor MkII . In this video we compare the performance of the ARB twin air compressor and Supercentre's Thumper Max. I received your note about your compressor, the Thumper MKII and it’s success in a recent comparison in Unsealed4x4. Most relevant reviews. The Thumper Max MkII features the same proven electronic pressure cut off as the original Thumper Max, which means if you combo it with an optional Adventure Kings 3in1 Ultimate Air Tool you can turn the compressor on and off with the inflator in your hand while you’re airing up – just like at the servo! I would have thought if you wanted to compare your $99 discounted price to others, you’d need to research their lowest discount price, not their retail price. Sure, the cons are numerous – they cost more than a boat-full of Shanghai’s finest opium, and at 30kg, portability falls somewhere between outhouse and marble statue – but flick that switch and it all becomes worth it. I am seeking views on 12 volt air compressors for car tyres. Kings Portable 300L/Min Air Compressor 4x4 Car … I’ve been keeping an eye on some of their new products and since to 6 months later have never seen them for sell for the RRP. Portable air compressors are useful for the avid 4WD bush basher and the city driver who wants to look after their tyres. So I bought one from them too. Here in Queensland they spent $1.5 billion on a tunnel based on research that would fail a grade 12 statistics exam. The Thumper Max MkII not only rises to the challenge but takes air compressors to another level! the 150PSI rating has no real meaning if you directly connect tyres. Great air compressor gauge. XTM 12V Compressor Review. Read honest and unbiased product reviews … Google air hawk pro reviews. I bought the titan drawer system with wings from supacentre and the wings have a manufacturing fault.They don’t lock down as they should. It’s again assuming that value is derived from more than how fast it pumps up one tyre. Introducing the Thumper Max MkII - This weapon offers a lightning fast 300L/min of high pressure air, plus a brand new quick connect tyre chuck that makes airing up … There are some manufactured racks about 50% cheaper than the Thurles, Rhino etc on the www. I’ll be giving the Thumper a try BUT certainly not the new 2cylinder model. Which is totally illegal. • Heavy-duty air compressor • Cylinder: 2x 60mm • Voltage: DC 12V The two-stage foam filter sits high in the bag and could get damaged. Garry; Topic Author; Offline; Administrator Posts: 659 Thank you received: 18 I bought a Thumper Air Compressor MKII from 4x4 Supercentre in Lilydale, Vic. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for The Black Series Portable Air Compressor at Amazon.com. XTM Air Compressor 160LPM 150PSI I purchased one of these from BCF Tweed yesterday, Sunday 18.08.2019, price at $99.99 is good and I'm really impressed with the performance. But the bag is paper thin and tears from the weight of the compressor. Yes I have to be without my desired shiny 4wd accessories for longer as i have to save for a few more months, but when i eventually buy a reputable brand product i know they will last and i will not need to buy replacements. Given their scale, that their compressors are also installed with their lockers, that they might push your unit values. That’s really the voice I want people to learn from, not out of control marketing teams who wouldn’t know what the trade practices act was, let alone have read it. Nobody there is interested in repeat loyal customers. When I decent hit a rut at about 80kph, just one,… I would expect a force of about 1.5 to 2g to get transferred to that racking. They actually changed to that ‘worth approach’ recently which I actually think is more illegal, and misleading — but I’m not a lawyer. I don’t want to say buyer beware, but buyer beware. The current retail price of the Thumper MKII is $99. Get a pump so big it’s normally run directly off an engine, strap it to a modified 6.4hp winch motor, and screw it all together with all the bells and whistles so it can run non-stop. Free postage . Assumptions are made all over the place. OK, I have one of these Thumper Mk11 compressors & it is fine, but I always carry a trusty old hand pump as well, I also have their Titan drawers & they turned out to be excellent too (after I re-tightened & used lock-tight on every nut & screw because they were all loose out of the box. The 4wd Supacenter has tapped into this market through their various business plans and are getting the benefits. I think they just launched a new one… be interesting if that creates more or less of this . Delivered to you. Hey Shayne, firstly – no, not Breno from 4wd Action! But as a consumer aren’t I allow to ask questions of the products I might buy? Roof rack that’s 4 years old and still going strong, awning from when they were tigerz11, that’s just starting to fail (the pole locks) and a gear bag that I can’t fault. Buying the most expensive doesn’t get you better quality, but it may buy you an easier time returning products you aren’t happy with. I don’t like the 4×4 Supacenter either, but it’s not because of the cheap imported products. You have selected three products . Thread starter Blue_haired_man; Start date Feb 19, 2015 Blue_haired_man Well-Known Member. If the retail price is $99, then just a note to be careful of not having fake retail prices advertised to create a perception of a discount isn’t entirely legal. Can the other brands refer to the Thumper MKII as a cheap low quality import? Pumped my Pajero tyres from 25 psi to 40 psi in about 30 to 40 seconds. Sherpa BIG AIR is a heavy duty, simple to use, portable, 12v Air Compressor with impressive performance specifications. Compare Slime Air Compressor, 2X Pro Series - 12V 360559. How does one answer that unless they have owned both the current model of a competitors compressor as well as your Thumper MKII? I was not overly impressed with its performance either…it struggled to pump up the 35’s on the vehicle…it conked out on the 4th, so we used another compressor to finish the job. Always happy for someone to come in and defend the compressor. The Thumper Max MkII features the same proven electronic pressure cut off as the original Thumper Max, which means if you combo it with an optional Adventure Kings 3in1 Ultimate Air Tool you can turn the compressor on and off with the inflator in your hand while you’re airing up – just like at the servo! then on the second attempt the plastic bayonet coupling broke when twisting it in and no car tyre valve backup fitting either.hopeless.but they did refund my money. The Bushranger Max Air range of air compressors have been around for what seems like forever and have gained a bit of a reputation as being just about unbreakable. The titan draws cost $695 from memory, I have since gone and bought draws for $2000. Designed for running your 12 volt appliances and offering heavy duty jump start capacity - this is the best all-rounder unit. Their so called comparo’s are staged set ups to make their stuff look better, just like all of their antic’s on their video’s (it’s just obscene what lengths they go to) . Feb 19, 2015 #1 Hi guys and gals Here's a long one. But it makes me sad when brands start to blur the lines between truth and fiction. Solid welds. Sometimes its better to save your money for a few more months and buy better quality from a reputable store where you can physically come and see a product, if there is a problem its easier to get refunds and replacement items. The cheap priced and marginal quality types of roof racking will just not make up here, season after season, year in year out. I am unsure because at a product level, the location of build doesn’t have much bearing as does the process and quality of materials used. AU $169.00. When the pressure reduces to 90psi the compressor will automatically restart. I Bought an aldi compressor a few years ago, Very similar to look at and similar in price, but I got mine marked down to $50 as it was old stock. Well, I guess it’s not terribly hard to believe the most expensive portable compressor tested, which featured a twin-head design and a largish external air tank, would be the best performer. Designed to generate high volumes of compressed, oil-free air, it’s perfect for a range of applications. Got it for almost half-price, anyone had experience with this compressor? Most of them are rude & unhelpful & obviously they have been told to be that way. I reckon they all come from the same factory in China. I’m assuming that only one of each of the compressors reported were used and that there was only one timed experiment. At the moment I have a small ALDI compressor from 6 birthdays ago. The Redback series has been designed to take the place of the standard and the Extreme range of Thumper battery packs. TJM AIR COMPRESSOR. Base Plate: 365mm x 150mm. I picked up a Thumper Air Compressor MKII from 4x4 Supercentre in Lilidale, Victoria, and I decided to make a short video, showing this unit in action. I've got a you beaut ebay $100 compressor I had for two years...still going strong. Yeah, I guess I had to make some assumption, but that’s why I tried to position them as questions as I would love them to clarify (and I would update the post). Hopefully anyone with a little bit of common sense will see through these comparisons and will do their own research prior to purchasing an item. I eventually got my refund, it took over 2 months. Compare Blackridge Air Compressor 2.5HP Direct Drive Hi Flow 40 Litre tank 590972. But until I win lotto… . As for getting in touch with their call centre , good luck with that . You seem to make this claim without any supporting facts so I would like to know what you base it on. Yes made in China but the quality is surprisingly good. Hey Breno, I didn’t think I made any claims, I asked questions about some of the claims made but never said I had an answer … I guess the proof points I put in were warranties and they were at the time right.

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