It is quick and easy to install and can be fixed to already grassed areas or areas freshly laid with seed. GrassProtecta grass reinforcement grid provides : High level of grass reinforcement – up to 8 tons per axle (imposed load) Fast and cost effective installation compared to plastic grass paving grids A reinforced … As a result it does without the integrated spikes of the Grass Paving and interlocks by slotting together vertically thus offering no tolerance. All of the mesh products referenced are designed to be installed over existing grass and secured with u-pins / turf staples. We have two Grass reinforcement grids available, CORE PRO GRASS and CORE GRASS HD. The GlasGrid ® Asphalt Reinforcement System is composed of fiberglass strands coated with an elastomeric polymer and formed into a grid structure. £75.99. Please note all grass reinforcement mesh is subject to a minimum order, please contact us for more information. CORE Grass™ is a turf stabilizing system, a green choice for low-impact parking.CORE Grass™ Reinforcement grids provide amazing stability, grass protection and sustainable drainage, while delivering the desirable visual and natural effect of grass paving. CORE Grass ™ is a turf stabilizing system, a green choice for low-impact parking. Underground Warning TapePolyethylene underground warning tape with a printed warning message for marking underground buried surfaces. TYPAR Geocell - Load SupportTYPAR Geocell GS transfers downward forces, laterally, reducing loads on underlying soils. The Grass Grid is a budget grass reinforcement system with normal quality recycled HDPE and a lighter construction and does not have a reinforced base. We are using cookies to give you the best experience on our site. Detectamesh detectable mesh tapeDetectamesh is a colored plastic detectable mesh for marking and detecting buried underground pipes, cables and services. The grids should be installed onto a well-prepared stone sub-base, deep enough to support the required loads and should be free draining to allow the water to permeate through the plastic grids/gravel, through the sub base and into the sub grade beneath. 80. Porous Paving. Bodpave™ 85 grass reinforcement paving grids are a modular cellular porous grass paver manufactured from 100% recycled HDPE plastic. They can be used over driveaway, fire lanes, roads, parking, and others. Grass paving systems include our Sudspave porous paving grids, Truckcell Cellular Paving and Advanced Turf mesh reinforcement system. BodPave 85Plastic porous paving provides reinforced, durable, safe and eco-friendly surface for grass or gravel filled trafficked areas. To create extra parking space and access routes, use grass mesh to park on grass without damaging it. Protectamesh HD Rockshield MeshProtectamesh HD rockshield mesh is a thick, heavy-duty pipeline mesh for protecting pipeline coatings from rock backfills. Grass Reinforcement Mesh is a thick polyethylene grid ideal for protecting your turf, especially in areas prone to wear. or Best Offer. BodPave 85 Plastic porous paving provides reinforced, durable, safe and eco-friendly surface for grass … Grass Grids. Grass & Ground Reinforcement. Civil GeotextilesMaintain soil separation and eliminate the mixing of aggregate and sub-base soils. They serve as beauty due to blended work of art. The Grass Reinforcement Grids market analysis is provided for the international markets including development trends, competitive landscape analysis, and key regions development status. Grid for reinforcing grass subject to vehicular traffic. Diamond mesh grid made of high density polyethylene (HDPE). By using our website you agree that we may place cookies of the type listed in our Cookie Policy on your device.

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