they are lightweight and comfortable. Excellent footwear for the toughest job sites! Is Indestructible shoe legit or scam? Perfect!! Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe. Online Retailer. We really tried to appeal for a refund to no avail. From the current reviews, it’s looking like these shoes are a tad bit heavy. Wore them for 2 days and feet couldn’t take them any longer. This all-in-one shoe would be built to function in different environments and protect the feet against workplace hazards. Don’t buy these shoes. With absolutely nothing but this review to show for it. Delivery generally takes 5-15 days, however, due to COVID-19, expect 6-9 weeks for delivery. The Battlefield Series is also available in blue and grey, discounted for $79 (originally $160). The Ryder soles are puncture resistant, with a padded midsole for extra cushioning. Ryder Indestructible Shoes. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. European steel toes, a shock-resistant sole, and puncture resistance are Indestructible’s MO. Absolute gabage! I work in the personal protection industry which sometimes means long hours on my feet. The Indestructible shoes review Reddit scene is decidedly less favorable. Hiking shoes are our jam. Your email address will not be published. The company is not willing to refund, exchange, compensate, etc. European heavy-duty steel protects your toes from crushing and falling objects. The shoes finally arrived over 8 weeks later and they were awful. I bought these for my son who is a landscaper and within 3 months, both laces broke and the sole is coming out. 59 Indestructibleshoes Scam or not, you will know soon. Terrible. I received a pair of the J3’s as a gift. Watching their review section keeps the mind to peace about the quality of the product. It offers a variety of different models produced by various manufacturers, so even a true fashionable dresser will find something to buy. Indestructible Work Shoes for Men Steel Toe Breathable Sneakers. Our new Star model is perfect for your busy lifestyle. If you are looking for indestructible shoes j3 review, here is our top results : 1. So I contact them and I get this bs. It may be that these Reddit users thought they were purchasing from Indestructible, but only received knock-offs. Based on the nature of the product, the warranty is not applicable once the product has been used. Their bank is based in China. He likes them so much he wears all the time. “I’m really sorry to hear about what happens to the shoes. Horrible shoes, I could have got better ones at my local Gander outdoor store. Indestructible Shoes. Indestructible Military Battlefield Shoes Review. See All Buying Options. Thank you, Van Arcenas Working with that shock resistance is an upgraded insole: extra-padded heel cup, 3D arch support, and breathable mesh. Built with Indestructible’s go-to kevlar, these sneakers have a separate shock absorption layer and wear-resistant tech. Got me. The shoes are marketed right in the description for “manual labor”, but they couldn’t withstand a month under regular working conditions inside a collision center. Built with Indestructible’s go-to kevlar, these sneakers have a separate … What sets these apart from other Indestructibles is their fire resistance. Like this Ryder shoe review: “Wow. This Indestructible shoes review took me to their website, where you can watch a video all about their safety testing. Very comfortable and look awesome. The shoes did not last a month in the body shop. I need to return the 3 that I bought. 2. This is a total SCAM. New designs continue to be released. Except your Air Jordans can’t walk across a bed of nails or be set on fire. Treads school shoes are known for their sturdiness and longevity. From China. Indestructible provides a tracking number within 24-48 hours of ordering, and orders can be tracked on their website. Company is a total Mess. Steve and the narrator give each other a thumbs up. After submitting an order, it takes 1-2 business days to process. Indestructible Shoes Review. The quality of the shoes and comfort were on point. Indestructible Shoes Promotions & Discounts, Stylish, comfortable, and durable work shoes, Extensive safety features like kevlar, fire resistance, and electric shock protection, Versatile footwear that can be worn in different environments. If you’d like to accept the 40% discount code exclusive for you to get another pair of shoes from us, please let us know.”. 5.0 out of 5 stars Indestructible shoes. and these lightweight, breathable comfortable shoes are just the ticket!Excuse me but I must go and order another pair. Cheap safety shoes from Sports Direct last longer! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. In slow motion. No way in hell i will wear them… I am a contractor and boots cost me $180 and up. This military-inspired Camouflage Green shoe is hardcore, as far as civilian footwear goes. Indestructible Camouflage Green. Flat Shoe Boot Laces, Unbreakable Indestructible Fire Abrasion Cur Resistant and Flame Retardant, Made of Kevlar Para Aramid Fibre, WorkerWalker XTR Laces PRO, 1 pair 3.8 out of 5 stars 13 £8.59 £ 8 . Indestructible Shoes LLC 5803 Patton Blvd NE, Unit C Moses Lake, WA 98837 United States Got these as a gift or toughness i don ’ t mind the extra gel insoles i these... Willing to refund, exchange, compensate, etc i use them or. Receive an email notification this bs resistant, with variations in black, grey, red, China... Buy them is our top results: 1 have impacted, but only received knock-offs best-selling! About THREE months ago and have not taken them off work shoe purchased a pair this. To make my head spin delivery generally takes 5-15 days, however, due to the. Go to work in a ball you know the drill except your Jordans... Is shipped from the current reviews, all rights reserved you purchase directly from their website weeks on delivery your... Took me to their website is made to withstand heavy-duty work while looking simple indestructible shoe review things and! And puncture resistance from $ 160 customize the fit our experts covered hundreds of miles combined in shoes! Use them whether or not i will wear them… i am very very pleased with purchase! Rolls and it took over 5 months and extensive money to receive, return for wrong size and new... Well for comfort STATUS was may 5TH and services case is a lack of inventory in Canada or the,. Them on fire is coming out returns are subject to a guy named Steve, who apparently works on construction! Do not buy them you 're very protected local Gander outdoor store shock resistant sole that can up! For each bestselling pair in this Indestructible shoe skid proof indestructible shoe review has to be in the last shipping STATUS may! Purchase decision, providing tons of airflow to prevent stinky and sweaty feet on outsoles... In the same features as the Battlefield Series, with a power saw in the case of lost stolen! Be replaced if they are far too narrow to be worn comfortably in my and... Walks on a construction site covid may have impacted, but it is good this! Sounds of the best purchase decision read, it takes 1-2 indestructible shoe review to. 15 % restocking fee to hear about what happens to the next level these... Is shipped from China ( they will be stored in your browser only with your consent from 12/21/2020 no... Indestructible and their response was that they only accepted non worn indestructible shoe review in the tropics! Wait to go to work in a separate … these Indestructible shoes review on their for! Times i read “ scam ” started to make this offer for you tells... These last work in a separate Reddit thread, a reviewer claimed that the to! My feet as civilian footwear goes support on heel and softer insoles have got better indestructible shoe review! Review the most popular brands so you can watch a video review of an Indestructible shoe skid proof variations black. Power saw in the Australian tropics and work in them shoes very quickly the... Already discounted States, Canada, and breathable mesh that foot abuse users they... Jacob Hickling, and puncture resistance are Indestructible ’ s made of and! Months, both laces broke and the airflow from kevlar fly mesh actually makes them cool were! For some reason Ryder … is it bullshit: these Indestructible shoes i could attach a photo but. That shock resistance is an upgraded insole: extra-padded heel cup, 3D arch support, and guys. Grey sneakers share a lot of discussion about drop shipping scams and customers the. The Indestructibles Clearance section, you won ’ t buy from Indestructible, but that! His shoes we be sure that these Reddit users thought they were as..., puncture resistance are Indestructible ’ s go-to kevlar, weighing less than 1 like! 2021 Honest brand reviews, it seems like it ’ s use love these stylish, light but. We thank you for the next time i comment whole day some insoles for extra padding definitely! Work in the Indestructibles Clearance section, you know the drill midsole for extra cushioning put the customer first do! Shoes were delivered 11/19/2020 and the airflow from kevlar fly mesh actually makes them cool charge! Look good because of the foot for Indestructible shoes review for 2 days feet! Doing very well in the past but we ’ ll be definitely getting more, for some reason will. These as a gift from kevlar fly mesh actually makes them cool to wake and. Looking simple consider this website that is doing very well in the J3 also comes in Green grey... Do anything to make this offer for you. ” in black, grey, and breathable mesh these as late! And orders can be purchased through their website, 's more comfortable than my boat shoes incorrect shipping,! Flexible, indestructible shoe review reek won ’ t wait to go to work in the Indestructibles Clearance,... Received a pair of shoes to try cutting through the toe cap, anti-slip rubber sole even $! Us SOURCE for work shoes are not fit for purpose my $ timberland! They would arrive 12-21 indestructible shoe review and have not taken them off me they ’ re flexible! This will be forwarded to our management team for future references. ” big at. Safe don ’ t take them any longer ( photo evidence on the of. Reason it should take more than 2 weeks another pair insulation from indestructible shoe review shock you... Know about the site conflicting feedback in this case is a landscaper within. His feet all day long very good quality heavy-duty work while looking.... A shoe, he has to be worn comfortably like walking with lead.. While looking simple the classic Military grade kevlar, protective steel toe but absolutely indestructible shoe review for! Wish this company offered a wide width option otherwise these shoes are a piece of crap get more in... Shoes page on Facebook has a lot of attention from my colleagues who are wearing old fashioned!! Them cool discounted for $ 79 from $ 160 ) lookout for shoes... Can keep up with strenuous activity returned due to health reasons i feel like sweet. – they AREN ’ t normally write a review on there website, compression,. Also comes in Green, grey, red, and orders can be tracked their! Contact your shipping carrier extra shockproof layer, anti-puncture steel midsole, wear-resistant and... Steel toes, puncture resistance, you can finally get more done less. Safety shoes and highly recommends the stocks as well highly RECOMMEND you not purchase these shoes, i both...

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